Romanian International Tourism Fair in Bucharest

In Bucharest took place from 25 to 28 February 2016, the Romanian International Tourism Fair TTR. With the participation of many factors and executives of the tourism industry for three consecutive days, the capital of Romania becomes the center of the travel interest in the Balkans.

This fair is considered as the largest exhibition of Romanian tourism industry, showing great interest and garnering a great number of international tourist business both from Romania and from the global tourism industry. The Romanian International Tourism Fair TTR is a world tour event where in just a few days the professionals from all tourism sectors and from different parts of the world meet other professionals in order to advertise, to discuss and conclude trade and cooperation agreements in order to network and gain better access to the global tourism industry

Μany hotels and tourist agencies from Greece were present in this year’s fair, including Halkidiki, Central and Eastern Macedonia, Thrace and Volos – Pelion. Bucharest literally danced to the rhythms of Greece!

Of Course a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel Thessaloniki Center couldn’t miss participation in this tourism exhibition, as it is one of the finest hotels in Thessaloniki  that always gives strong presence in major tourist events and its presence is now standard in all major tourist events.

The hotel was represented by two members of its administration. The purpose of the above action was tο create new corporations and the further promotion of the hotel and the tourist city of Thessaloniki product at the specialized tourism professionals. Representatives of the hotel came into contact with many different tourist organizations, as well as various tourist offices of Romania.

Once again it was found that Greece holds a prominent position in the destinations chosen by the people of Romania, confirming its recognized tourist value. Great emphasis was placed on religious tourism, as this year the start of the tourist season coincides with the Orthodox Easter. Specifically, Thessaloniki is the ideal choice for summer destination, as it is close to Halkidiki, as well for City break trips.

The conclusions that came out for 2016 on the occasion of the Romanian International Tourism Fair TTR in Bucharest were very encouraging and positive for Greek tourism, despite the difficulties that is facing this year. The bookings for the forthcoming season are moving at a very good level and generally there is a cautious optimism on the specific market.