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Exclusively for the visitors of the web site of a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel there are special accommodation deals in the center of Thessaloniki. The a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel tries always to satisfy the special needs of each guest, providing economic deals and offers at very attractive prices.

Discover our special offers in the City Center of Thessaloniki

The a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel can satisfy the special needs of any visitor who’s looking for luxury and also value for money accommodation in the beautiful neoclassic Hotel in the heart of the center of Thessaloniki, within walking distance from the main sightseeings of the city.

Guaranteed lowest prices for rooms in the center of Thessaloniki

The a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel supports the organization «Support Greece» of Greek Tourist Accommodation and provides users with the official web site of lowest price guarantee compared to all other websites.

Those who are interested in the offer can take advantage of free parking for their vehicle in a cooperating parking of 24-hour operation.

a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel in the Thessaloniki center has special prices for people working or owning a company, adjusted under current conditions.

Especially for the users of the social network Facebook the a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel in the center of Thessaloniki offers a 10% discount on its pricelist.

The offer is valid for arrivals between Sunday – Thursday for a minimum stay of two nights. Save up 15% in the most affordable 4* Hotels in Thessaloniki.

  • “Great location. Helpfull and friendly staff. Breakfast was very good. Supermarket around the corne, excellent wifi. Area with shops and restaurants are nearby, as well as Ladadika, the district with restaurants.”

    Valentina Serbia
  • “Great paintings, excellent decoration, huge rooms, friendly staff.”

    George Romania

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