Conferences – Meeting – Events in Thessaloniki Hotels

Συνέδρια Θεσσαλονίκη

Despite the difficult economic situation of Greece and the huge instability which threatens most of the sectors of the economy and of the society, some sectors grew up in the microeconomics of the city named Thessaloniki.

In the last 2 years mainly observed an increase in the sector of ​​ conferences and events organization in the city of Thessaloniki. The causes are varied. On the one side are the particular color and the great legacy of the city within the country and on the other hand are mainly the movements made by private initiative. Most hotels in Thessaloniki have added services that offer customers a well-equipped event and conference rooms. The cost of organizing a conference or an event is the city of Thessaloniki lower than in another competing city.

Συγκεντρώσεις Θεσσαλονίκη

The hotel a.d. Imperial Palace offering two conference rooms 150 and 180 people respectively is one more reason for this increase. One of the hotels in Thessaloniki that stand out in the field of conferences and events is definitely the hotel ad Imperial Palace. The hotel conferences rooms are hosted with great success any type of event including conferences, lectures, samplings, seminars etc. Each conference room of a.d. Imperial Palace can be configured based on the needs and desires of each organizer. The participants in the various events held at the hotel have easy access to the area as the hotel is privileged located in the center of Thessaloniki, while for those who are come from another city have the opportunity to combine their visit with a stay in one of the lovely rooms of the hotel. Moreover, within walking distance from the hotel is guarded 24 hour operation parking, which offers special rates for the guests of the hotel.

Εκδηλώσεις Θεσσαλονίκη

With the forecasts to be very hopeful for this year we only have to wish this increase not only to stop but to become bigger.