Thessaloniki Port

Salaminos 1, Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Thessaloniki’s port is 800 meters from the a.d. Imperial Palace Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Thessaloniki, which is located in the city center
  • By Car: 3-10 minutes (depends on the traffic).
  • Taxi Cost: about 4 - 4,50 euros.
  • On Foot: 5-10 minutes.

Description: The port of Thessaloniki is located in the innermost point of Thermaikos Gulf, the northern part of the eastern Mediterranean, to the west of Thessaloniki city center and within one (1) kilometer from the Train Station and sixteen (16) kilometers from the Thessaloniki’s Airport “Macedonia”.

It is the most important port of Macedonia and one of the major ports of southeastern Europe. Due to its advantageous geographical position and its excellent road and rail connections, it is the largest transshipment port in the country. It has also facilities for handling liquid fuels and it’s connected to the cross-border stations pipeline. It is also close to the international natural gas pipeline. Part of the port is also the Free Zone of the port of Thessaloniki, which operates in accordance with the Community Customs Code since 1995. Moreover, it has dense road network, which is directly linked to the national and international road network, and all the quays of the port have a double / triple rail lines and are connected to the national and international railway network.

Thessaloniki’s port was founded in 315/6 BC by King Cassander of Macedonia and was an important shipping center throughout the period of the Macedonian Empire. During the Roman Empire, the port of Thessaloniki became a large marine transportation center. Its strategic location and its connections have made Thessaloniki port one of the most important ports of the Roman Empire with significant traffic throughout its duration. During the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki's port grew even more and was the main port of the region. During the Ottoman period, the Thessaloniki’s port was linked to regular shipping services to all major ports in the Mediterranean, making it one of the first ports of the East. In 1870 the seaside wall of the city was demolished and in 1876 the waterfront of today's old beach was constructed.

The modern history of the port begins the last decade of the 19th century with the expansion of the waterfront of Thessaloniki to the sea and the creation of part of the east side, the current first pier. By the end of the Balkan Wars (1913) and the determination of the borders of Balkan states, the port of Thessaloniki, which was serving a large area of ​​the Balkan peninsula, limited the hinterland of the Greek territory. In 1914 the Free Zone of the port of Thessaloniki was founded by the Greek Government.

During the Second World War Thessaloniki’s Port was occupied by the German army (1941-1944) and because of the continuous bombardment by the English and American Airlines as well as the blowing of the remaining installations by the Germans during their withdrawal, all the port facilities were almost destroyed.

Since the end of World War II and until today the port of Thessaloniki, is constantly expanding westward, with the restoration of the installations and with the construction of new docks, warehouses, roads and railway lines.

In the 1990s the environmental area is upgraded and at the same time the storage capacity of the port of Thessaloniki is significantly increased. A direct road is also constructed, which is connecting the port to the national road network of the country. Nowadays, Thessaloniki’s port is characterized as Port of International Interest in the Harbour System of the country and is one of the five Greek ports, which belongs to the Central Network of transport.

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  • Extremely convenient location. Nice aesthetics. Very good breakfast. Value for money hotel. In the heart of the commercial and economic activity and within walking distance ofentertainment and interesting places.

    Valentin St. Petersburg -Russia
  • Spotlessly clean hotel with excellent staff in an excellent location. Is in the heart of the city within walking distance of the most important points and sightseeing’s as Ladadika, Aristotelous, White Tower and of course the traditional city market.

    Francesca Paris-France
  • Very good hotel for someone to stay in the city center. Nice areas and rooms. Direct access on foot to the most reference points of Thessaloniki.

    Cristina Belgrade- Serbia

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