Pancretan Exhibition in Thessaloniki

The Pancretan exhibition which after the significant success recorded by the three previous exhibitions which were in Athens and has become an institution will be held this year in Thessaloniki. The Pancretan Exhibition of Cretan Products and Services will be titled “CRETE: The Great Meeting” and its aim is to create partnerships between Crete and Macedonia, and the strengthening of trade relations between the two regions through representation of both Cretan products from entrepreneurs northern Greece and vice versa, and through representation of products that produced in northern Greece by Cretan businessmen.

The exhibition will be co-organized with the Region of Crete on 30 of October until 5 of November, on the Port of Thessaloniki, in the place named “Katarti” (Sail). The entrance is free to the public and the working hours will be daily from 10:00 am to 14:30 pm and from 17:30 pm to 21:00 pm. Visitors to the Fair will be able to taste the Cretan products directly from producers and processors. Some of the products that the visitor will find in the Exhibition is oil, various dairy products, honey, nuts, pastries, sweets, wine, raki, drinks, herbs, cosmetics and others. The exhibition will be accompanied by parallel cultural events, gastronomy and Music & Dance events which will showcase the culture of Crete.

As expected Pancretan Fair will attract the interest of many visitors and many exhibitors who will visit Thessaloniki. The Thessaloniki hotel a.d. Imperial Palace desiring to strengthen this institution has formed a special price list for its services for those Cretans are either simply visit the exhibition, whether they will be exhibitors. The port of Thessaloniki and the position in which the Pancretian Exhibition will take place is in a very short distance from the Thessaloniki hotel a.d. Imperial Palace and the city center. Specifically, the distance between the hotel and the area where the exhibition will take place is 800 meters.