Some of the differences between residents of Thessaloniki with those of Athens

  1. Those who live in Athens when they go to souvlaki fast food restaurant and want to take a souvlaki without pie, refer to as the “straw” while those residing in Thessaloniki called “souvlaki”.
  1. Residents of Thessaloniki called all cheese as Caserta with the sole exception of feta cheese call. The inhabitants of Athens instead call each cheese with its name, eg Gouda, Gruyere, etc.
  1. Thessalonians special emphasis on lambda, whilst replacing the words “μου” and “σου” with “με” and “σε” respectively. The Athenians on the other talk like all the rest of the normal world.
  1. The Athenians when asking a “toast” meant that square bread, cooked or uncooked, while the Thessalonians when asking a “toast” mean anything cooked, square, rectangular, oblong, cylindrical, spherical and so on.
  1. Residents of Thessaloniki facing life’s most ” relaxing ” in relation to the residents of Athens who live permanently in a stress.
  1. The Athenians know the pies named mpougatsa as a sweet pie with sugar and cinnamon while Thessalonians know the pies mpougatsa as a kind of foil which can contain almost anything, eg mpougatsa with minced meat, spinach pies, etc.
  1. The Thessalonians are keen for food, while the Athenians prefer fast food solutions. Evidence for this is the many tavernas in Thessaloniki and many fast foods in Athens.
  1. The cheese salad, the spicy cheese dip and striking for Thessaloniki is exactly the same, while the Athenians are three different things.
  1. If someone order in Thessaloniki a “pita gyro apo ola” will take a whole gyro portion wrapped in a pita bread with a serving of fries, ketchup, mustard, tomato and onion. In Athens he does so, it will take six gyro pieces wrapped in pita bread along with 3 fries, ketchup, mustard and tzatziki.
  1. For a resident of Athens is normal job to abstain from his home 45 minutes without traffic. For the inhabitant of Thessaloniki the distance of half an hour from home to work is prohibitive and tedious..
  1. Thessaloniki consists of four main roads (Egnatia, Tsimiski, Nikis, Ring Road). Unlike Athens consists of hundreds respective streets.
  1. In Thessaloniki is very difficult to lose someone his direction as it can find the beach with ease case be oriented. In Athens by contrast someone can be lost even he grew up in the area.
  1. The Thessalonians in their kitchen have many elements from the east which means that they use more spices and so the flavors and the aromas are more pronounced. The Athenians on the contrary do not use many spices in their cuisine so the flavors to be simpler and clearer.
  1. In Athens residents are able to use besides the many different public transport and the metro. Unlike the people of Thessaloniki not guess when have this feature can do.

Can you suggest us some other differences?