Increase of stays in hotels of Thessaloniki

According to the recent announcement of Thessaloniki Hotels Association in the January – August was an increase in overnight stays made in Thessaloniki hotels. In the first eight months of 2015, total overnight stays was 1,400,000. In last year’s same period overnight stays were lower by 100,000. So this increase was around 7.57%. We should of course be noted that last year was the biggest increase for the same period between 2014 and 2013 reached the figure of 18.87%.

Increase of stays in hotels of Thessaloniiki


The first place in the list of nationalities that feed Thessaloniki tourism took the Greek travelers who their overnight stays show a rise of 6.11%. 2nd place was for one more time for the Cypriots that increase their overnight stays by 18.51%. The tourist from Turkey with a slight increase of 4.14% remained in 3rd place, while an increase of 5.02% climbed to 4th place Serbian tourists. There was a significant increase in overnight stays of Germans who with an increase of 11.05% now are on the 5th place. In 6th place they remained the Romanians and in 7th place went the Italians. The only ones who fell were the Russians travelers who with recent situations which had in their country with Ukraine are in 8th place. The first 10 places complement Bulgarians who are in the 9th place and the Americans who showed an increase of 36.69% and they are in the 10th place.

All the above show that tourism in Thessaloniki continues to flourish and to increase despite the difficult economic situation that experienced by other economic sectors of the city. The total increase of 7.57% in first 8 months of 2015 is particular important since performed in a period in which they were particularly strong economic pressures through elections, uncertainty and certainly of Capital Controls.

Most tourists who stayed in Thessaloniki preferred hotels of the city center. Indicative for the period of eight months the increase in nights of ad Imperial Palace which is a 4 star hotel in the center of Thessaloniki reached 8%.